Chapter 3: From Shape to Comfort

Our primary aim at Tange Associates is to create spaces that provide comfort to the people who use them. In the case of residences, during the era when society as a whole was rapidly developing, multi-family dwellings with similar layouts in huge complexes sprang up one after another. While those served the purpose at that time, our era is much more individualized, so it is likely that families would prefer to choose residential arrangements that fit their lifestyles and that suit their individual preferences.

Each family has its own style. Some families are self-contained while others like to entertain guests at home—there’s all kinds of families. The use of living space also differs: some people want to make the most of their living room, while others focus more on the bedrooms. When we work on design, we consider how to incorporate the individual style and personality into the architecture. Of course, we prioritize comfort of the people who will use the space in all our architecture, whether residential or commercial.

Things that are authentic are always adaptable.

Our company’s aim is not to fit people and their lives into an architectural space. Our architecture provides spaces where people can feel the comfort of living and working. Comfort is sensed by different people in different ways. Architecture that satisfies everyone may not exist. But we always do whatever we can to approach this ideal. Putting shape to comfort: that is the aim of our architecture.

Our mission is to design comfort personalized for our clients and users.